Picasso Ceramics 不変の色彩を求めて

Picasso Ceramics – Search for Unalterable Colour –

Osaka 2017.5.10 Wed → 5.31 Wed
Tokyo 2017.6.8 Thu → 6.29 Thu

           Pablo Picasso, 闘牛と太陽, 1953

この度、NUKAGA GALLERYは「Picasso Ceramics 不変の色彩を求めて」と題し、1940年代よりピカソがデザインした陶器作品に焦点を当てた展覧会を大阪、東京の2会場で開催致します。




大阪 2017年5月10日(水)- 5月31日(水)
東京 2017年6月8日(木)- 6月29日(木)


<大阪> NUKAGA GALLERY OSAKA 大阪市北区西天満5-8-8 2F/TEL 06-6362-1038
<東京> NUKAGA GALLERY 東京都中央区銀座2-3-2 3F/TEL 03-5524-5544

Picasso Ceramics – Search for Unalterable Colour –

Pablo Picasso is widely acknowledged as one of the most iconic artists of the twentieth century and has had enormous influence on 20th century art. He worked with an unprecedented variety of styles, and was interested in sculpture in three dimensions as well as two-dimensional paintings.
His tour de force painting Guernica (1937) successfully made him known world-wide. His activities as an artist were not limited to painting alone. When Picasso was in sixties, he was truly fascinated with ceramics in the South of France at Vallauris. Picasso began his ceramic works there at Madoura Pottery studio and produced his unique ceramics with the unity of Picasso’s inventive ideas and potters’ technical skills.
Although he initially struggled with controlling unfamiliar materials and processes - a combination of chemistry such as glaze and firing – he gradually became more proficient at utilizing these into his repertoire. These works were also established in the art world and attracted a great deal of attention from the Japanese ceramic artists of his day.
In addition to his three-dimensional works produced from the 1940s to the 1960s, the exhibition will also offer the opportunity to see his celebrated artworks such as his oil painting and prints art. Picasso’s achievements continue to captivate the world even after the anniversary of his death over forty years ago.
We hope you will enjoy this revolutionary exhibit and experience a true legend in the field of ceramics.

Osaka 10/5/2017 Wed – 31/5/2017 Wed
Tokyo 8/6/2017 Thu – 29/6/2016 Thu

2F 5-8-8 Nishi-tenma, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, 530-0047, Japan
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